Gouvia Corfu | Ionian Islands , Greece
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The tourist resort is located in the center of Corfu island.

Corfu is one of the most amazing Greek islands in the Ionian sea , it is considered ”blue and green” because of its beautiful nature and crystal blue waters. It is a cosmopolitan island with great culture and traditions, offering every visitor memorable moments and experiences.

The Corfiots are very hospitable and the island is closely linked to music and theatre since the Venetian occupation.

One popular monument is the medieval castle (old fortress) in venetian style where a lot of cultural festivals take place. Saint Michael’s and Saint George’s palace near Liston square , the royal gardens where the duke of Edinburgh was born.

The old town of Corfu is considered a unesco  world heritage site.The Venetian influence is also clear while walking the  narrow  traditional streets (kantounia)The church of Saint Spiridon is magnificent.